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What is

Gliding through web3 on a giant cloud is Balloonsville, a community-driven NFT project built on Solana featuring a gamified ecosystem fueled by $AIR, the native token of Balloonsville. Enjoy your stay at the vibrant town of Balloonsville, full of airbound adventures, ultra rare airdrops, and continuous growth.

Balloonsville is the heart of the Loonverse, with distinct and unusual destinations only accessible through an Airship. In this town you will find busy Balloon Citizens exploring the sky while earning $AIR rewards, and building beautiful inventions that lift the community to new heights.

The Loons

The AIRheaded citizens of Balloonsville, 5000 Balloons floating on the Solana blockchain. Each citizen is hand drawn and completely unique, providing holders exclusive access into the ever-expanding world of the Loonverse. Earn $AIR by working in Balloonsville to participate in endless utility and adventures. This is only the beginning.

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$AIR Token

$AIR is the fuel of Balloonsville. $AIR grants holders broad utility from building Balloon Homes to participating in exciting, and dangerous adventures throughout the Loonverse. Each Balloon generates 2 $AIR per day, while Balloons in a Balloon Home can generate 3 $AIR per day. $AIR token utilities will grow with the expanding Loonverse – including exclusive Merch for holders, as well as the $AIR Market where Raffles, NFT Auctions and special items will be accessible with $AIR.

Balloon Homes & Airships

Balloons need homes too. In Balloonsville, Balloon Homes can house up to 5 Balloons. Balloon Homes provide Balloons with more rest, making them more productive and enables them to earn more $AIR per day. Balloon Home holders can RENT space in their homes to any homeless Balloon. Landlords in the Loonverse will receive a percentage of all $AIR earned in their homes. More than that, Balloon Homes can be UPGRADED in the engine workshop to become AIRSHIPS. Airships are the exploratory vessels that all Balloons use to travel the Loonverse and participate in utility packed adventures for even MORE $AIRheaded rewards.

Coming Soon

Destinations & Explorations

Beyond the sky and past the moon, Balloons can travel uncharted lands and undiscovered planets with a Destination Pass. These passes are your ticket aboard the adventurous Airships to test your skills in new lands and earn $AIR token rewards. These uncharted destinations include utility upgrades such as increased staking multipliers, unique token treasures, and secret riches to be discovered.

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A new collection is born (to be bad). Rascals are the rebellious generation of Balloonsville who bring unexpected mayhem that will change the peaceful town forever. Made up of 1,500 misfits, outcasts, and havoc wrekers, the rascals DGAF what anyone thinks of them. They dress as they please and do as they please. Rascals represent the degen in all of us. Because sometimes being bad, feels so damn good.

$AIR Market

Hidden within the clouds is the cosmic $AIR Market. Use your $AIR tokens to redeem exclusive Merch, participate in top-tier whitelist Raffles, NFT Auctions, and unique Loonverse items.

Just Ape (WL)

Just ape. A collection of 10,000 Apes that take us back to basics. None of the fluff, all of the value.

#Entries: 1205

#Winners: 20

#Your Entries: 2

What are $AIR Raffles?

Use your $AIR to participate in $AIR Raffles that include NFTs from diverse collections, special items to expand your holdings, top-tier WL from top projects, and even merch.

Legendary Balloon Home #2

Win this Legendary Boogle Balloon Home with access to special legendary perks including 3x multiplier, house up to 8 balloons, and much more.

Highest Bid: 3,500 $AIR

Total Bids: 79

What are $AIR Auctions

$AIR Auctions allow you to bid for Legendary Loons, Balloon Homes with special perks, and other rare upgrades in the Loonverse ecosystem. The best part is, all bidding is in $AIR.

Destination Passes

Access hidden worlds across the Loonverse. Explore, adventure and unlock hidden utility as you discover mysterious destinations.

Quantity: 30

Price: 200 $AIR

What Are Balloonsville Items?

Upgrade your inventory directly with unique NFT items that provide uncommon benefits and abilities in the Loonverse including Destination Passes, and more.

Balloonsville Hoodie (White)

Elevate your wardrobe with this next-gen Balloonsville hoodie crafted from the finest thread.

Quantity: 30

Price: 200 $AIR

High Quality Merch

Loonverse Merchandise is not your ordinary Merch drop. It is drip on-demand for every $AIRheaded fanatic. Created by infamous streetwear designers with only the highest quality fabrics.


1. Balloon Citizens & Balloon Homes

Balloonsville begins its ascent as 5000 Balloons soar into the atmosphere to populate a new world of adventure filled with hidden treasure. Balloon Homes are built to ensure every Balloon has a place to call home.

2. Love is in the $AIR

A new collection is born (to be bad).. The peaceful world of Balloonsville is about to have its bedrocked.

3. Engine Workshop.

Balloon Homes grow wings! Or more specifically, engines. Transform your Balloon Home into an airborne party bus known as an Airship! Upgrade, Tune, and Perfect your Airship to navigate even the most risky adventures.

4. Destinations & Explorations

Explore mystical destinations as the secrets of the Loonverse start to reveal themselves. You might just be surprised at what you'll find.

5. A Mysterious Portal

An odd energy begins to overtake the Loonverse. A Mysterious Portal appears. What could it be?

Our Team

Soaring past the bear market and straight for the moon, a group of Crypto, Art, and Creative visionaries teamed up to save Balloonsville. The new team breathed fresh life and brought AIR back to the Balloons. The new Balloonsville team has been hard at work for months to elevate the Loonverse to new heights and leave the past behind. This is only the beginning for us.


CEO & Project Lead

A photographer + videographer by trade with an affinity for all things web3, crypto, and NFTs. Before following his passion, SOK completed his Master's in Accounting and still maintains an active CPA license. Strong experience in creative, branding, design, innovation, management, and all things balloons.



OMEGA has over 15 years of experience in the finance industry. 10 of which serving as an Agency Director and 5 as a Finance Director. He has corporate experience by trade and is an entrepreneur at heart. His passion for people is his inspiration.

ChartFu Monkey

Lead Advisor

Proud college drop-out, expert at finding alternative solutions and a notorious pro at last-minute disaster recovery. Web3 is his home, NFTs are his religion. He's growing Magic Eden & papayas, and loves minimal & hiking.


Lead Artist

A coffee lover and a self-taught artist who wanted to bring his passion in illustration to the digital world and create quality NFT art through his crazy ideas.


Head of Business Development

With a number of creative ventures under his belt, he’s formed a unique and out of the box perspective on all things Business and Marketing. Charged with business development, securing partnerships and pushing ideas forward.


Community Manager

Forgiven has previously worked as a Marketer/ "Chief People Person." He addresses Human Resources difficulties and uses human psychology to solve them, as well as reverse psychology to promote products based on market attitudes. Since then, he has been working to create an inclusive community in Balloonsville, and the rest is history...


Head Mod

Bobi is a college student studying business and doing an apprenticeship in the finance sector. He’s a man of the people and the most respected community member in Balloonsville. His growth continues here with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Balloonsville is a community-driven NFT project built on Solana featuring a gamified ecosystem fueled by $AIR, the native token of Balloonsville. Enjoy your stay at the vibrant town of Balloonsville, full of airbound adventures, ultra rare airdrops, and continuous growth.

The list of holder benefits is rapidly expanding and currently includes staking, earning $AIR tokens, access to adventures in the Loonverse, access to the best WL spots on Solana, exclusive merch paid for in $AIR, NFT raffles and auctions, and a dedicated community like none other!

To give the power to our holders, we formed the Loon Council. The Loon Council is 6 council members from the community, elected by the community, who work hand in hand with the core team to be the voice of the holders. The Loon Council works for the best interests of the community and will always look after the holders and Balloon believers.

Yes and No. The new Balloonsville team rescued the project after the original owner ran off with the treasury funds. Magic Eden invested 5,000 SOL into the new Ballonsville treasury to help us bring the project back. The original artist is still on-board to expand on the new ideas and direction while still maintaining that original Balloonsville style. The project further evolved and is now run by dirtySOK and OMEGA with advisement from the community-backed Loon Council. A perfect synergy.

The team behind rescuing Balloonsville has huge plans for the future including an expansive Loonverse ecosystem that will shock you. The team is continuously expanding to be the best NFT project in the space, bringing value to holders and the entire Solana community. The future goals are endless, and with a team that is known for delivering, the Balloons are certain to reach new heights.